MARUAH media monitoring: Day 3 (30 April 2011)

MARUAH is conducting an election watch project. Part of this project includes monitoring the election coverage by the mainstream media, specifically the Straits Times, TODAY and The New Paper. (We are unable to cover the other languages and other media, e.g. TV and radio, because of resource constraints.)

Our findings on Day 3 are set out below. You can also download all of the findings as a PDF file.

Coverage of each party (in column inches)

Positive photos of each party

Neutral photos of each party

Negative photos of each party

Placement of each party in the paper

2 Responses to MARUAH media monitoring: Day 3 (30 April 2011)

  1. Been watching media corp TV news last few nights and disgusted at the obvious bias in coverage. The camera never show the massive crowd at Workers Party rallies nor the dismayed crowd at PAP rallies, gave Ministers and PAP candidates so much air time, and little for prominent opposition candidates. However, plenty of air time with camera zoomed when some opposition candidates fumbled.

  2. dkws says:

    i think this is an excellent idea.

    would it be better to also quantify photos in total surface area of each photo? i mean, a huge photo is obviously more likely to grab attention and leave an impression of a passport-size portrait

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