Defending the Legitimacy of Singapore Elections, Part 3: electoral boundaries and CDCs

10 October 2014

MARUAH held a press conference on 9 Oct to highlight 2 research papers, as part of its ongoing project, Defending the Legitimacy of Singapore Elections. This is the third in a series of media and public engagements that MARUAH has arranged, with the first two focusing on citizens’ confidence in the secrecy of the ballot and what it considers are areas for reform in the GRC system.

The first paper deals with the issue of electoral boundaries, mapping out the frequency of the changes made to electoral boundaries and the impact these changes have on the electorate.

MARUAH EBRC Position Paper
MARUAH EBRC Annex 1 pdf
MARUAH EBRC Annex 2 (Timeline of boundary changes)
MARUAH Electoral Boundary Delimitation Powerpoint Presentation

Some media coverage of the event : (TOC)

Group urges more transparency in drawing electoral boundaries (Today)

Independent committee should define electoral boundaries: MARUAH (Yahoo! News)


PULP FRICTION: Our Right To Information & Right To Expression

20 July 2014

pulp friction
Are we muzzled?
Are we getting access to information?
Can we cope with a diversity of views?

What is the role of public institutions like our Library?
Who are they supposed to serve and how?
How do we ensure that our personal values also have a space in secular Singapore?

MARUAH is organising a forum discussion on the topic:

PULP FRICTION: Our Right To Information & Right To Expression

Our panelists will give you a comprehensive take on the right to information and expression. They will share thoughts on the recent NLB saga, governance of the Arts and how we need to look at Conflicts in other countries.

Come and be a part of this important conversation.

Event Details:
Date: 3rd August 2014 (Sunday)
Time: 5pm to 7pm
Venue: Blk 231 Bain Street
#04-41 Bras Bash Complex
Singapore 180231

To register for this event please click the link below.

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – What Happens After 2015?

19 June 2014

MARUAH invites you to join us for an interactive discussion on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

The MDGs are 8 international development goals that were set in 2000 by the United Nations with the support of member states and various international organisations. Read the rest of this entry »

Panel discussion – “What’s Up In Little India?”

5 February 2014

What's Up In Little India
Little India is a hot topic right now.
There is a new Bill that might go into effect for a year in Little India.
Is Little India’s culture going to change? What about its landscape?
How will this Bill ensure security?
What is the impact of what is going on in Little India for all of Singapore?

Our panel of experts will share their insights on Little India.

  • Dr Kevin Tan, a law academic, publisher and an adjunct professor at National University of Singapore
  • Dr Lai Chee Kien, an architectural historian
  • Mr T Sasitharan, a theatre educator and the co-founder and director of Intercultural Theatre Institute

Event Details
Date: 12 February 2014
Time: 7.30pm to 9.30pm
9 Penang Road
#13-19 Park Mall
Singapore 238459 [map]
Take Dhoby Ghaut MRT Exit B

To register for the event please click here
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You can find the Facebook event page here.

Details relating to change in venue for “Foreign Workers, Justice and Fairness” event

22 December 2013

MARUAH had to change the venue for our public forum “Foreign Workers, Justice and Fairness” to be held on Dec 23rd, at extremely short notice. We apologise to the speakers and those who had confirmed their attendance for this event. This posting sets out the events resulting in the change in venue.

The original venue was the hall on the second floor of Ananda Bhavan Restaurant at Syed Alwi Road (opposite Mustafa Centre). MARUAH had already paid for the venue. Publicity posters were released on Thursday.

Yesterday evening (Dec 21st), we received a call from the restaurant’s management to inform us that the police had called them, asked them about the event, and spoken to them about the foreign workers in their employment. Read the rest of this entry »

Panel discussion – Foreign Workers, Justice & Fairness [change of venue]

20 December 2013

Foreign Workers, Justice & Fairness - Venue Updated

In the aftermath of the riot at Little India, we as a society need to ensure that we understand the full picture and that the under-lying causes are identified and addressed.

Fairness, Access To Justice, the reality of life of a Foreign Worker in Singapore – These are all issues that we need to work towards improving.

Join us for an open and honest discussion on the issues.

This event is organised by MARUAH in partnership with TWC2 and Workfair Singapore.

Date: 23rd Dec 2013 (Monday)
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Venue: Marketing Institute Of Singapore [please note change of venue]
Room 303
410 North Bridge Road
Singapore 188726
(Opposite National Library Singapore)
Nearest MRT: City Hall

Please register at the link below.

Freedom Of Expression & Democracy- panel discussion

8 December 2013

Freedom Of Expression & Democracy - 15th December 2013

UDHR Article 19 “ Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. “

Freedom of Expression is important in any functional democracy.
Activists, Writers, Artists, Academics, Students, Politicians, and Professionals – need the space to speak, to express diverse views, to offer criticism, to ask questions, to be wrong and to be right – and as citizens we want a healthy media landscape and a robust Parliament.
Inclusivity. Multiplicity. Diversity.
An informed and engaged citizenry.
The right to freedom of expression is enshrined in our Constitution, in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and even in the ASEAN Human Rights Declaration. Right of reply is crucial.
Limitations. Guidelines. Contempt.
Read the rest of this entry »