Human Rights Day 2013 – Speak Out!

The Human Rights Day Speak Out! 2013

December 10th is a special Day – IT IS HUMAN RIGHTS DAY.

It is a day for us to reflect, to ponder, to meditate on how well we are living with dignity and enabling others to live in dignity.

At MARUAH we have observed Human Rights Day every year. And always by asking people to participate. Because Human Rights is about how we interact with each other, how we treat people, and how we believe in a value system.

So we invite you to join us this year to explore the personal side of you and your views on human rights.

Tell us. Speak to us. Shout from the mountain tops. Talk to us.

The topic – “What Human Rights Mean To Me?” Participants will have 3 minutes to share your thoughts. You may also read a poem, a script, or act out your thoughts. We only ask that they are your thoughts.

The evening will feature your speeches, some performances by some electric spoken poets and home grown musicians.

Come join in the Human Rights Day Speak Out! because claiming human rights as our own is the first step to creating a society that respects and celebrates the dignity for everyone.

Event Details
Date: 10th December 2013
Time: 1930 to 2100
Venue: Artistry, 17 Jalan Pinang S(199149) [map]

To sign up for the event pls go to:

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