GE2020: Our Youth, Our Future (registration closed)

Please follow the ‘live-stream’ of the webinar on MARUAH’s Facebook at from 10.00am onwards on 5 September 2020.

Should there be any technical issues with Facebook, please view the webinar on MARUAH’s YouTube Channel at, we hope to upload the video by 2.00pm on 5 September 2020.

The webinar will be led by Discussant Prof Kenneth Paul Tan ( and Moderator Ms Braema Mathi (

Our panellists are –

Mr Charles Yeo, Advocate and Solicitor

Reform Party’s candidate in GE2020

Charles is a practising lawyer and political activist in Singapore and also serves as the Chairman of the Reform Party. During the webinar, he will be speaking on how the law has a chilling effect on civil society generally and how a culture of intimidation and fear is used to create a system of self-censorship

Mr Nicholas Tang, Law Engineer

Red Dot United’s candidate in GE2020

Nicholas is keenly interested in political and social issues and shares the concerns, experience and challenges of young Singaporeans as they deal with an increasingly daunting and globalised world. He is determined to understand the problems faced by his peers; to help improve the lives of future generations and strongly feels that participation in civil discourse is the duty of every citizen.

Ms Vigneswari Diana Ramachandran, Teacher

People’s Voice Party’s candidate in GE2020

Vigneswari currently serves as the teacher of Citikids Edventure at Bukit Panjang, responsible for children aged 6 years old preparing teaching aids, lesson materials, observations, summary reports,  work samples and children’s progress also linking home school partnership projects between the school and parents. She has 12 years of teaching experience in the preschool education industry and in other sectors such as in retail. She is also the member of People’s Voice Party. 

During the webinar, she will be addressing the educational system in Singapore and the issues faced in the preschool sector from teachers’, operators’, and students’ perspective. 

Mr Terence Soon Jun Wei, Aviation Professional

Head of Youth Wing

Progress Singapore Party’s candidate in GE2020

Terence currently heads the youth wing in the Progress Singapore Party (PSP), also known as the PSP Youth Catalyst. He was a candidate in the recent GE 2020, contesting under the PSP’s banner in Tanjong Pagar GRC.

Terence is an aviation professional; formerly running a business dealing with the brokerage of private aircraft, before joining Singapore Airlines in 2015 where he is currently a Pilot operating the Boeing 777 jets.

Terence will be discussing about the youth effect on GE 2020’s results, and what youth in Singapore can, and must, do in the years ahead in order to effect the change that they want to see in our society. Terence strongly believes that youths are not only the leaders of tomorrow, but they can be the leaders of today.

Ms Min Cheong, Writer and Marketing Communications Strategist

Singapore Democratic Party’s candidate in GE2020

Min is a seasoned writer and marketing communications strategist who has worked for multinational corporations, start-ups, and non-profit organisations across industries spanning consumer technology, telecommunications, lifestyle, and education. 

She joined the SDP in 2011 as a volunteer in the policy studies unit, and was a counting agent for the party in both the 2011 and 2015 General Elections before becoming more active in her contributions. She is now a member of the Young Democrats, Women Democrats, and Communications teams.

Min is an advocate of open public discourse, and is also passionate about what she calls Workforce Wellness – an overarching approach to reforming how we live and work – covering issues ranging from socio-economic sustainability, job creation and innovation, career empowerment, organisational culture, and personal wellbeing.

She believes in harnessing information, innovation and technology as tools people can use to empower themselves, share ideas and better the world; and supports enlightened, compassionate, and respectful leadership focused on value-creation above profit-generation.

All are welcome to attend the webinar, should the Zoom attendance limit be reached, please follow the live streaming on MARUAH’s Facebook at

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