2019 Peoples’ Summit Report and Survey (repost)

Download the Peoples’ Summit Report

Dear Team!

We are excited to share the final version of the report on the
Peoples’ Summit on Climate, Rights, and Human Survival! This report
provides an overview of the event, highlights its key outputs, and
outlines next steps and lessons learned that were guided, from all of
you,  by the post-summit evaluation survey. Don’t miss out on the
links to important documents such as the concept note, summaries of
sessions, the Declaration, and collaborations that were initiated at
the summit – you will find them throughout the report!

Here are just a few highlights from the document:

  • The summit brought together over 150 actors from the different strands
    of the climate justice movement. The two-day gathering was a mix of
    compelling panels and breakout groups where organizational commitments
    to integrate human rights and climate change were discussed. These
    conversations laid the foundation for numerous collaborative actions
    that have great potential to move this work forward.
  • The event’s organizers hope to support groups working at the
    frontlines to take on leadership roles and guide the direction of
    these national, regional, and thematic collaborations. The intention
    is that future working groups will be led and maintained by
    self-designated focal points with support from the organizers if
  • There was strong interest after the summit to create an email list to
    continue to engage with others working on climate justice. Your active
    participation in this new community is essential to bring it to life.
  • The climaterights4all email list has a lot of potential, particularly
    to support the collaborations that came out of the summit or will be
    proposed through the climaterights4all network.
  • It is particularly important to have a follow-up team that reflects
    different regions, issue-areas and includes both small and large
    organizations. The intention of the follow-up team is for it to be a
    part of a horizontal process whereby the direction of collaborations
    rests with the self-identified persons and/or organizations that
    choose to be focal points. The hope is that the follow-up team will
    serve the function of supporting, where requested and along with
    others, and as long as needed,  groups working at the frontlines in
    guiding the direction of post-summit activities. We have a growing
    group of individuals interested in joining the follow-up team; if you
    would like to be part of this group, please reach out to  Melanie at
    melanie.allen@amnesty.org by March 24th, 2020.

The organizers commit to encourage, as much as possible, conversations
between funders and the groups focusing on human rights and climate
change. Please look out for more information on this in the near

Last but not least, give a read and review the evaluation survey. It
will help you to better understand how the feedback from the summit
guided the proposed next steps outlined in this summary and the

Also, think about proposing a new collaboration or joining an existing
collaboration, or even being  part of the follow-up team to keep the
momentum going!

Thank you for making the event such a unique call to action. We look
forward to working together with the hundreds of organizations that
engaged in the process for further collaboration towards our common
goals, and believe that we may be able to make a solid contribution to
ending the climate crisis, and the injustices that underlie it.

Organizers of the Peoples’ Summit

Wallace Global Fund, Amnesty International, Center for Human Rights
and Global Justice: NYU School of Law, CIEL, Greenpeace International,
Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

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