Human Rights Day – 10 December 2019

Today is Human Rights Day. It is a day for all States and organisations to adopt, observe and fulfil the United Nations General Assembly’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The formal inception of Human Rights Day dates from 1950. This year the emphasis is on Rights Day is on Youths. The world’s youth population is at an all-time high, at 1.8 billion people aged 15 to 29, (world population is 7.46 billion). The Global Youth Development Index shows many countries are experiencing a “youth bulge” with adolescents and young adults making up a third of the population. This offers hope of a “demographic dividend” as young people contribute towards economic growth and well-being. (

This year’s Human Rights Day is all about the power of youth. Here are some of our young inspirations standing up for human rights each day. Supporting them and empowering youths, join us:- 

Repost – from the United Nations’ Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

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