New date – Forum: The Vote, the Elections and You – 4th April 2015

Dear all,

We are really sorry about the changes that we have been announcing for the forum – The Vote, the Elections and You: What Citizens Need for Free and Fair Elections.

We were told that the original venue was no longer available for our use. Then we booked another venue where the owner got us mixed up with another group, and so we stepped back as the other organisation had booked the place first.

So we have postponed the event.

The new date is: 4th April 2015

The new venue is:
Seminar Room
21, Tan Quee Lan Street
Heritage Place
Singapore 188108 [map]

The time is: 2:30pm – 5:30pm

This is an important forum for all citizens. We in MARUAH first did the research work. We then sent the research materials to the Elections Department and held press conferences. We are now sharing the information with the public, we want people to own this process. So we hope you will stay with us and be part of this process. We also hope that you will tell others about this

We apologise again. Getting a venue for our events remains a challenge. But please stay with us and we hope you will be there on the 4th of April. The discussions are for us and our future.

Registration link below.

Many thanks

Braema Mathi
President, MARUAH

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