MARUAH accorded special consultative status on United Nations Economic and Social Council

MARUAH is pleased to announce that it has been granted special consultative status on the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

This status will allow MARUAH to voice human rights issues in Singapore and in ASEAN, through this international and well-regarded avenue. MARUAH is the first human rights organisation from Singapore
to be granted this distinct honour. We are also pleased, as part of the UN process, that the government had given its support to ECOSOC for MARUAH to be granted this status.

Speaking of the ECOSOC status, Ms Braema Mathi, President of MARUAH says: “We are indeed honoured that we have been granted this special status. There is much that we can learn from others and much that we can also highlight through this avenue to make Singapore more rights-focused.

MARUAH has been working tirelessly over the last seven years to bring to the attention of Singaporeans and our government to the many instances where our human rights practices can be improved and where rights-based approaches can be adopted.

As much as the ECOSOC status is an honour, it is also a challenge to us to continue our work towards achieving gender equality; realising the rights of the child; ensuring fair and equitable workplace practices; promoting the need for impartial electoral practices and asserting every citizens’ right to education, healthcare and civil liberties.

MARUAH also stands ready to work with other Singaporean organisations in achieving our collective vision of a Singapore where all of us understand not just our responsibilities as citizens but our undeniable rights as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is our hope that Singaporeans will support our work.”

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