Saying no to arbitrary detention – 25th anniversary of ISA arrests under alleged “Marxist Conspiracy”

On 2nd June 2012, MARUAH and Function 8 commemorated the 25th anniversary of ISA arrests under the alleged “Marxist Conspiracy”.

An exhibition area included mock-ups of detention cells, original items created during detention, and posters detailing the profiles of the ex-detainees.

At the MARUAH booth, attendees signed up to the online petition calling for a Commission of Inquiry on the alleged “Marxist Conspiracy”.

T-shirts and badges were also sold at the booth, including MARUAH’s first t-shirt, featuring the names of the 24 ex-detainees, and a quote from Mahatma Gandhi on the back of the shirt.

You can chain me

You can torture me

You can even destroy this body

But you will never imprison my mind

We also showcased the youtube video made specially for this event.

At the stage area, Joshua Chiang and Patrick Chng performed a few songs. Several speeches were made by the organisers and civil society activists. Speakers included Braema Mathi (President, MARUAH), Martyn See, Ravi Philemon, Jeannette Chong Aruldoss, William Yap, Alfian Saat, Siew Kum Hong (Vice-President, MARUAH) and Vincent Wijeysingha.

After that, small  breakout groups allowed the ex-detainees to provide first hand account of their experiences, and their thoughts on the past, present, and future.

We wish to thank all attendees who came to this event. Also sincere thanks to all who helped out at our booth.

More photos can be found at the link below.

Below are some articles about the event


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