30 things learned at the Oslo Freedom Forum

David Rowan, editor of the UK edition of WIRED magazine, highlights 30 things that he learned at the Oslo Freedom Forum.

The power of the event — whose sponsors include Sergey Brin’s and Peter Thiel’s charitable foundations — lies in the seamless mix of grassroots activists, many of whom have risked their lives to speak out, and the top-level policymakers and influencers who can act on what they learn. You might run into Hollywood glamour in Julia Ormond, or world-class philanthropists such as Omidyar Network’s Pam Omidyar — but the real stars were the former political prisoners, child slaves, torture victims and tribal-rights campaigners who had in many cases taken big risks in order to travel to Norway. And each one I spoke to made me understand just how vital the role of the western media can be in articulating their stories and, in an oft-heard phrase, speaking truth to power.

More at the link here.

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