MARUAH launches survey on polling experience in GE2011

As part of MARUAH’s election watch project in relation to GE2011, MARUAH seeks to validate that the polling process is indeed conducted in a free and fair manner, with voters feeling secure that their votes are secret.

MARUAH had previously requested the Elections Dept permit MARUAH volunteers access to polling stations for this. As the Elections Dept has to date not responded, MARUAH is now asking for voters’ assistance in conducting this aspect of the project.

Specifically, we are asking all voters to complete an online survey on their experience in the polling stations. The survey should take less than 5 minutes to complete. The survey is also optimised for mobile phones, so that you can complete the survey on your phone immediately after voting!

It is important to read the survey form before going to vote, so that you will know what to look out for in the polling station. You can find the survey form at:

This is also the link for completing the survey on Polling Day itself. While the survey form is now open to the public, we will only consider responses submitted after 8.05am on Polling Day (since polling starts at 8am). We intend to close the survey at some time between midnight on Polling Day and 12 noon on 8 May, so please complete the survey at the earliest possible opportunity!

We hope to achieve a reasonable number of responses for this survey. Please persuade at least 10 people around you (family, relatives, friends or colleagues) to do this survey. Please then ask each of those persons, to persuade at least 10 other people to do this survey.

With this ripple effect, we will be able to have the data to tell Singaporeans how the polling process has been conducted.

So please vote — and then do the survey.

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