Your Vote is Your Voice

Is my vote really secret?

That is the question on many Singaporeans’ minds. As part of our public education efforts, MARUAH has produced a video to explain to voters why their vote really is secret.




This video was put together by a team of volunteers. For the first time on video, Singaporeans from different walks of life come together to speak about their voting experiences. A former Straits Times journalist who had witnessed the actual destruction of the ballot papers from the 2006 General Elections also speaks about what he saw.

The video explains the voting process, and what happens to ballot papers after they are counted.

The voting process

  • A voter’s name and number is called out at the polling station, because representatives of the competing parties need to verify and cross out the name on their registers of voters. This allows parties to tally the total number of votes and the number of ballot papers issued, at the close of voting.
  • Ballot papers bear serial numbers, to prevent double voting with forged ballots.
  • Many other first world democracies around the world, like Britain and Canada, also have serial numbers on their ballot papers.

 After the ballot papers are counted

  • The ballot papers are placed into locked metal boxes, which are sealed. This is witnessed by the competing political parties, and they sign the seals.
  • These locked boxes are stored in the Supreme Court vault for six months, in case any party wishes to challenge the results.
  • These locked boxes cannot be opened unless there is a court order on the grounds of election fraud. There has been no such claim since Singapore first conducted elections in 1948.
  • Six months after the elections, these locked boxes are removed from the Supreme Court and sent directly to the incineration plant. This is witnessed by all political parties, and journalists, who will ensure that the seals are intact.

The entire process is very secure and transparent to all political parties. There is no doubt that people’s votes are secret.

The Elections Department says your vote is secret.

Michael Palmer, outgoing PAP MP for Pasir Ris-Punggol and candidate for Punggol East SMC, says your vote is secret. (at 2:26 of the video below)

Sylvia Lim, Chairman of the Workers’ Party and candidate for Aljunied GRC, says your vote is secret. (at 1:40 of the video below)

Come Polling Day on May 7, we must each vote wisely for the candidate(s) we believe will best represent us. Never underestimate what your one vote can do.

Your vote is secret.

Your Vote is Your Voice.

10 Responses to Your Vote is Your Voice

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  2. fatyandao says:

    can we do this in Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin and Tamil please?

    Hope it’s not too late.


    • siewkumhong says:

      Hi fatyandao, we’re trying to get subtitled versions out. Our volunteers are doing their best, and are almost literally working around the clock. Thanks.

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  5. xiaoxin3 says:

    I wrote an article to help others who have doubt or fear.. It written and analyzing from different angle.. Hope it helps..

    Please share with others if you feel it’s useful. Thanks

  6. […] us believe, Singaporeans are responsible, caring, creative and very fair people. Just look at the “vote without fear” video by It is authentic and from the heart. It is very, very well […]

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