MARUAH media monitoring: Day 1 (28 April 2011)

[post updated 1 May 2011 0031 hrs]

MARUAH is conducting an election watch project. Part of this project includes monitoring the election coverage by the mainstream media, specifically the Straits Times, TODAY and The New Paper. (We are unable to cover the other languages and other media, e.g. TV and radio, because of resource constraints.)

Our findings on Day 1 are set out below. You can also download all of the findings as a Powerpoint file.

Coverage of each party (in column inches)

MARUAH_28Apr11_Column inches

MARUAH_28Apr11_Column inches

Positive photos of each party

MARUAH_28Apr11_Positive photos

MARUAH_28Apr11_Positive photos

Neutral photos of each party

MARUAH_28Apr11_Neutral photos

MARUAH_28Apr11_Neutral photos

Negative photos of each party

MARUAH_28Apr11_Negative photos

MARUAH_28Apr11_Negative photos

Placement of each party in the paper



3 Responses to MARUAH media monitoring: Day 1 (28 April 2011)

  1. Zed says:

    Hi guys,

    Good start. A few suggestions.
    a. The quantitave coverage slide needs a legend
    b. Include negative (e.g. lost, depress looking etc.) and neutral (e.g. expressionless) photo coverage

  2. lee sze yong says:

    Hi Zed,

    Thanks for spotting the missing legend. We have uploaded a new version.

  3. ghormax says:

    This is really great! A first in Singapore.
    I also have some suggestions (but maybe too time consuming). How about a word count? A content analysis for the articles (favorable – unfavorable). What about television coverage?
    Just some suggestions :)
    Keep up the good work!

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