MARUAH’s response to Temasek Review article

Dear MARUAH members and supporters,

I just would like to put on record my response to the Temasek Review’s article entitled “Is Braema Mathi of MARUAH a PAP plant?”

I have only one response to the article – I am very keen to sue TR and its writers and use the money for our work to promote and protect human rights locally and in the region. I know I will win hands down for the half-truths and outright lies that are in the article. But as a person who believes in human rights and is trying her best to be true to the principles and aspirations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (and failing badly at times and often too) I am loathe to start this process.

Instead I will just make one point here – human rights activism makes a demand on us as individuals, in that we stand up and be identified, for the position we make and for the words and language we use to express the position that we take.

So I am not going to dignify the accusations made in the article with any blow-by-blow rebuttal. That will be appreciating cowardly behaviour of the anonymous who claim to be true human rights activists.

Those who know me, know my work, know MARUAH will stand by us.

Thank you
Braema Mathi
Chairperson/Coordinator, MARUAH

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