8th Workshop on the ASEAN Regional Mechanism on Human Rights – Day 1

The Singapore Working Group for an ASEAN Human Rights Mechanism (MARUAH) is attending the 8th Workshop on the ASEAN Regional Mechanism on Human Rights in Bangkok, Thailand, 14-15 July 2009.

In Day 1 of the workshop, speakers and participants discussed the following issues

  • ASEAN Human Rights Body (AHRB) should not be a standalone, but part of a regime, including a set of norms
  • Human rights should be mainstreamed across the 3 ASEAN pillars
  • Concept of non-interference remains, but should be viewed objectively under international law, and not subjectively
  • CSOs should engage the entire ASEAN structure, and not just the AHRB
  • A thematic approach may be more acceptable to member states
  • Rules of procedures will be drafted to guide the AHRB
  • CSOs need to move quickly to engage states on the AHRB representatives selection process
  • ASEAN Committee for Migrant Workers (ACMW) has not made a decision on how to deal with undocumented migrant workers
  • Existing UN standards should be utilised to guide ASEAN (no need to reinvent the wheel)
  • As all 10 ASEAN countries have ratified CEDAW and CRC, the ASEAN commission on the protection and promotion of the rights of women and children (ACWC) should have standards in-line with those UN conventions

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