Post-Elections Forum 19 Sept 2015

23 September 2015

Alex Au (starting at 13:00)

Alex’s slides can be found here and his thoughts on the issues raised at the forum are on his Yawning Bread website.

Sudhir Vadaketh

Sudhir has also posted the three questions he asked at

Derek da Cunha

Presentation slides are here

Rafiz Hapipi

Prof Jack Lee

Prof Lee’s slides on legal and procedural issues related to the election.

Terry Xu

Audience Questions & Answers

Event report – Post-Elections forum – What’s at Stake?

21 September 2015


MARUAH organised a public forum on September 19th to share thoughts and perspectives on the General Elections 2015 (GE2015) that took place on September 11th, 2015. The speakers were:-
Mr Alex Au, blogger and activist
Dr Derek Da Cunha, political analyst, author and independent researcher;
Dr Jack Lee, law academic with research interest in Constitutional Law;
Mr Rafiz Hapipi, youth counsellor and researcher, and MARUAH member;
Mr Sudhir Vadaketh, author and blogger;
Mr Terry Xu, editor of The Online Citizen

The speakers were experts who had been watching the General Elections and commenting on the process from one GE to the next. Read the rest of this entry »

MARUAH 2015 pre-election survey on voter concerns

13 September 2015

MARUAH conducted an online survey on issues that voters were concerned about, from Aug 29 to Sep 9. Links to the survey were disseminated by electronic media (email, website and Facebook) and a total of 132 responses were received. Summary results are presented in MARUAH pre-election survey results.

[change of venue] Post-elections forum – What’s at Stake? – 19 Sep 2015

10 September 2015

[17 Sep update: Please note change of venue & timing]

A team of experts discuss & analyse the election results, and what it means for us.

  • Mr Alex Au, Blogger
  • Dr Derek Da Cunha, Political Analyst and Author
  • Dr Jack Lee, Law lecturer
  • Mr Rafiz Hapipi, MARUAH Election Watch
  • Mr Sudhir Thomas Vadaketh, Author and Blogger

The panel discussion will be moderated by MARUAH. We are also hoping for an interactive debate on the issue of General Elections in Singapore and would like to make some key recommendations.

Come join our forum to discuss these issues

Date: 19 Sep 2015
Time: 3pm – 7pm
Venue: 9 Penang Road, #13-03 Park Mall [map]

Register at the link below

Summary on the stance of political parties on issues

9 September 2015

MARUAH recently wrote letters to political parties contesting the 2015 General Elections, to ask for their stance on various human rights issues.

As the responses were not forthcoming, MARUAH reviewed their stance using their election manifestos.

Below is the summary of the comparison. You can also click here for a PDF version of the file.

maruah review of manifestos

Apolitical Club Guide to Elections in Singapore

8 September 2015

The SMU Apolitical Club has released “A Guide to General Elections in Singapore”. Not to worry if you haven’t been able to get your hands on this very informative booklet. It’s freely available for download from their website. Excellent work on the part of the students and other members of the SMU community.

Vote with confidence

8 September 2015

election_jargon2 election_voting


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