Making human rights real

9 February 2009

The Power of a Declaration
Making human rights real.
Amartya Sen, The New Republic Published: Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Nineteen forty-eight may have begun as an unsettling year, with the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi in January, but it ended on a positive note, when the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations in December. There was a reasoned vision of lasting importance underlying the declaration; it was momentous in its time, and it remains important today. Invoking human rights has become a major way of challenging inequities and oppression in the contemporary world, and in this development the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at the fledgling United Nations sixty years ago, swayed not least by the leadership of Eleanor Roosevelt, has played an indisputably significant and astonishingly constructive role.
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Statement on the Treatment of Rohingya and Bangladeshi ‘Boat People’ in Asia

7 February 2009

MARUAH has, together with over 90 organisations, endorsed a statement on the treatment of Rohingya and Bangladeshi ‘Boat People’. Read the rest of this entry »

First draft of the TOR of an ASEAN Human Rights Body nearly completed

2 February 2009

The Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs has released information on the status of the ASEAN Human Rights Body via a press release. Read the rest of this entry »