MARUAH letter on situation in Thailand

15 June 2014

MARUAH recently wrote a letter to the Thai ambassador in Singapore, and also the Thai representative to the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission On Human Rights, regarding the current situation in Thailand.


6th June 2014

HE. Marut Jitpatima
Royal Thai Embassy Singapore

HE. Dr Seree Nonthasoot
Representative of Thailand to the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission On Human Rights (AICHR)

Respect For Human Rights And Democratic Values Is Paramount 

MARUAH, a human rights organisation in Singapore, expresses grave concerns over the manner in which human rights are being gradually but systematically eroded since the military takeover and also over the suspension of the Thai Constitution. The imposition of martial law allows the military sweeping powers to restrict human rights and fundamental freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution.  Read the rest of this entry »

World Press Freedom Day – 3 May

3 May 2014

The 2014 theme for World Press Freedom Day is “Media Freedom for a Better Future”.

The focus this year is on three inter-related themes
– the media’s importance in development
– the safety of journalists and the rule of law
– sustainability and integrity of journalism Read the rest of this entry »

Singapore taking the lead in pressuring Laos to expedite investigation into disappearance of Sombath Somphone

27 April 2014

ASEAN Parliamentarians today praised Singapore for its consistent efforts to urge the Lao government to expedite its inquiry into the disappearance of civil society actor Sombath Somphone and urged other ASEAN nations to take a firm, united stand against the shortcomings of the Lao authorities’ investigation to date.

For more, please visit the link below

Public Consultation on the ASEAN Human Rights Mechanism

26 February 2014

The ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission On Human Rights or AICHR, is the regional mechanism on human rights and its ‘Terms Of Reference’ is a fundamental document, a governance code which outlines AICHR’s mandate and functions. The Terms Of Reference are up for review later this year.

MARUAH believes that a Public Consultation is necessary to improve and strengthen AICHR as a human rights institution and to take stock of AICHR’s progress in strengthening human rights within the ASEAN Community.
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Event report – Public Consultation On ASEAN

1 December 2013

MARUAH held a Public Consultation on ASEAN on 26th October 2013 at Traders Hotel. The event was attended by 50 participants from different backgrounds including members of civil society organizations, social enterprises and members of the general public. The Public Consultation was an opportunity for participants to become more familiar with ASEAN and its processes, to make a commitment to the development of ASEAN for our own national interests, and to be engaged on human rights discussions for our community and the people in the region. Read the rest of this entry »

Migrant Workers’ Access to Justice at Home: Indonesia

25 October 2013

A new report, by the Migrant Worker Access to Justice Project, is the first comprehensive study of migrant workers’ access to justice in their country of origin. Using the example of Indonesia as a case study, the report analyses the mechanisms through which migrant workers may access justice in Indonesia or through its embassies, and the systemic barriers that prevent most workers from receiving full redress for harms that they suffer before, during, and after their work abroad.

More information can found at the link below.

Public Consultation On ASEAN – 26 Oct 2013

5 October 2013


MARUAH invites you to a Public Consultation on ASEAN. This is an opportunity to become more familiar with ASEAN and its processes, to make a commitment to ASEAN for our own national interests for our community and the people in the region.

We are holding a consultation on the ASEAN Charter as Article 50 of the Charter stipulates that the Charter be reviewed 5 years after its entry into force. The Charter is the fundamental document, a governance code, a code of conduct if you like, in ASEAN. MARUAH believes that the review is necessary to improve and strengthen the regional group, its processes and institutions to serve the people of ASEAN better. Read the rest of this entry »


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